They test your athleticism and your focus.

“People are more willing to try unfamiliar things at the beginning of the year,” says Lee Jimenez, a group fitness instructor at Equinox locations throughout Miami. That makes 2019 the perfect time to push your yoga routine out of your personal comfort zone.

In the slideshow below, Jimenez demonstrates six poses he taught as part of an exclusive routine at the American Express Platinum House to celebrate Art Basel. “Each pose requires you to marry your mind and body,” he says, a level of focus that can ease anxiety. “Half Moon pose is one of my favorites because it exposes your heart center rather than closing it off.”

The effects are more than mental: The six-move sequence also increases stamina and core strength, opens the shoulders and hips, stabilizes the ankles and wrists, elongates the spine, and brings greater definition to the arms and legs. Plus, over time you’ll build more balance and learn to grasp the ground with your hands rather than your feet.

Practice the below poses in 2019 to feel more powerful and confident both in and out of the studio. If you’re a beginner, spend time each week mastering the first few. Jimenez suggests setting an initial goal of holding each pose for two full breaths, then three, then four, and so on. (In his advanced classes, they aim for five full breaths in each posture.) If you’re advanced, you can skip to the intermediate and advanced moves.