The slow burn workout

All you need is a pair of gliders for this Pilates-inspired routine.

Gliders allow you to work with your own body weight in a very unique way,” says Patrick McGrath, a trainer at PROJECT by Equinox in New York City.

Moving slowly with the gliders forces you to maintain more control over your body and increases time under tension, which is a leading factor in muscle development. It also helps you focus on form and reach your full range of motion, which you need to do if you want to engage the entire length of the muscle fibers.

McGrath, who has a background in Pilates, says gliders are key for the class he created this summer. In June, he taught the routine at the ASICS Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in New York City.

Try the eight ab-intensive moves below, adapted from McGrath’s class, to get a total-body workout that builds strength and challenges your balance. All you need is one pair of gliders to complete the routine. Perform each move for 1 minute (enough time to do about 8 reps), then rest for 30 seconds before going on to the next. Complete 4 sets.

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  • Glider Kick

    Glider Kick

    Stand in a tall lunge position with the toes of your back foot on a glider. Keeping your weight planted on your front leg and your knee slightly bent, slowly slide your back foot forward to meet the one in front. Pause, then slowly push back to return to start. Perform all reps on one side for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

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  • Glider Single-Leg Pike

    Glider Single-Leg Pike

    Get in a high-plank position with your feet stacked heel-to-toe on top of a glider. Squeeze your core to slowly draw your feet toward your hands while simultaneously piking your hips up toward the ceiling. Pause, then slowly reverse the motion and return to start. Perform all reps on one side for 30 seconds, then repeat with your feet stacked heel-to-toe in the opposite order.

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  • Glider Forearm Saw

    Glider Forearm Saw

    Get in a forearm plank position with a glider under each foot. Press through your forearms and shift your body weight away from your arms to scoot your entire body backward several inches. Pause, then use your arms to pull your body back to plank position, with shoulders directly above elbows.

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  • Triceps Push-Up

    Triceps Push-Up

    Start in a high-plank position and slowly bend your elbows, lowering chest to the floor, keeping elbows tucked close to your sides. Pause, then press through your hands and engage your triceps to return to start.

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  • Low Burpee

    Low Burpee

    Start in a squat, with hands in front of chest, feet just wider than shoulder-width, knees above toes, and thighs parallel to the floor. Lower your hands to the floor at shoulder-width and jump your feet back into high-plank position. Immediately jump your feet forward so they land just outside of your hands. Raise your torso to return to start.  

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  • Glider Bear Plank

    Glider Bear Plank

    Get in a high-plank position with a glider under each foot. Squeeze your core and bend your knees to slowly draw them directly under your hips so that your thighs are vertical. Pause, then slowly extend them back to the plank position.

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  • Glider Arm Crawl

    Glider Arm Crawl

    Get in a low-plank position with a glider under each foot. Move one forearm forward on the floor in front of you and use it to pull your body forward several inches, then do the same motion with the opposite arm. Repeat this a couple times, then reverse to start. 

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