The slow burn workout

All you need is a pair of gliders for this Pilates-inspired routine.

Gliders allow you to work with your own body weight in a very unique way,” says Patrick McGrath, a trainer at PROJECT by Equinox in New York City.

Moving slowly with the gliders forces you to maintain more control over your body and increases time under tension, which is a leading factor in muscle development. It also helps you focus on form and reach your full range of motion, which you need to do if you want to engage the entire length of the muscle fibers.

McGrath, who has a background in Pilates, says gliders are key for the class he created this summer. In June, he taught the routine at the ASICS Fifth Avenue Flagship Store in New York City.

Try the eight ab-intensive moves below, adapted from McGrath’s class, to get a total-body workout that builds strength and challenges your balance. All you need is one pair of gliders to complete the routine. Perform each move for 1 minute (enough time to do about 8 reps), then rest for 30 seconds before going on to the next. Complete 4 sets.

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