7 moves for better posture

A workout to make you look taller and perform better

Posture is an oft-overlooked aspect of fitness that affects how you feel, how you look, and even your performance in the gym. When it's poor (which can be brought about by anything from prolonged sitting to texting) it can lead muscles and tendons to grow dehydrated and stiff, limiting range of motion and putting athletes at risk for injury, says Alex Zimmerman, director of Equinox’s Tier X program. In addition, a hunched-over position can affect your breathing muscles, which play an important role in performance and recovery, Zimmerman adds.

While not overly taxing, the moves in this posture workout provide hydration, blood, and oxygen to muscles and tendons—in turn, preserving range of motion and combating the effects of aging and technology. Work through the moves one after the next. Repeat two to three times. Do it three to four times a week for best results.

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