12-minute workouts (4/4)

The last tri-set in our series is all you need to work your whole body—fast.

High performers find time for fitness, no matter how busy their lives.To help you do just that, we’re bringing you a series of intense-but-quick workouts, created byShodan Rodney, a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox Flatiron, over the next four weeks. They’re tri-sets: three exercises that are done for a set time or number of reps back to back with no rest. Tri-sets are concise and hard-hitting,” says Rodney. “Not only are you hitting various muscle groups, your heart ratewill get to an ideal fat-burning zone—that's where the magic happens.”

The fourth set in our series, below, starts with the Turkish get-up, a move all trainers, including Rodney, love. Then, move on to bat wings. “Bat wings are great for scapula retraction, working the rhomboids and middle trap,” says Rodney. Then, finish off the lower body with kettlebell swings—they’ll also rev your heart rate, acting as a metabolic finisher.

See how many rounds you can do in 12 minutes; shoot for three to four total. If you have more time—and stamina—you can try “stacking” these tri-sets. You can do all of set four, then move on to set one, two, or three. Rodney advises against stacking more than two at a time—that’s all you need to be left gasping and sweaty, he says.

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