12-minute workouts (2/4)

Try a weighted push-up, unique deadlift variation, and balance-testing squat.

The high-performer is not the type to let their diet or workout routine fall by the wayside during the holidays. They plan ahead so they canstay healthy when visiting other people’s homes. To help you do just that, we’re bringing you a series of intense-but-quick workouts, created byShodan Rodney, a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox Flatiron, over the next four weeks. They’re tri-sets: three exercises that are done for a set time or number of reps back-to-back with no rest. Tri-sets are concise and hard-hitting,” says Rodney. “Not only are you hitting various muscle groups, your heart ratewill get to an ideal fat-burning zone—that's where the magic happens.”

The second set in our series, below, includes an innovative twist on the traditional deadlift. “The staggered stance reinforces good form and makes you engage the hips to properly execute the movement,” explains Rodney. “Having kettlebells in each hand forces better core engagement.”

Then, try an advanced push-up that’ll test your upper-body strength and a balance-challenging split squat to end the set and fire up your quads.

See how many rounds you can do in 12 minutes; shoot for three to four total. If you have more time—and stamina—you can try “stacking” these tri-sets. You can do all of set one, then move on to this set.

Other workouts in this series:

12-Minute Workouts: (1/4)

12-Minute Workouts: (3/4)

12-Minute Workouts: (4/4)

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  • Staggered Stance Kettlebell Deadlifts

    Staggered Stance Kettlebell Deadlifts

    Place two relatively light kettebells (as a general guideline, start with 16kg to 20kg) on the ground and grasp one handle in each hand. Get in a staggered stance: your left foot should be a few inches in front of your right, knees bent and back flat. Lift the kettlebells, using your posterior chain, to come to a standing position. Pause, then hinge the hips back to return to start. Do all the reps on this side, then repeat with the right foot in front. 

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  • Push-up with weight plate

    Push-up with weight plate

    Get in a push-up position with one knee on the ground. Hoist a weight plate  onto your back (or have a friend do it), then lift your knee so you’re in a full push-up position. Lower your body to the ground, then push back up to start. Repeat. 

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  • Bulgarian Split Squats

    Bulgarian Split Squats

    Start with your left toes on a bench, your right leg a few feet forward and a kettlebell in your left hand. Slowly bend your right knee until your quad is parallel with the ground. Pause, then lift back up to start. Do all the reps on this side, then repeat with the right toes on the bench. 

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