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8 Surprising Cool-Down Hacks

Intense sessions and rising temperatures can add time to your bounce-back. Try these smart tricks.

Redness, sweating, dehydration: the side effects of warm-weather workouts are real. And the cool-down—the very thing designed to prevent these dangers—is easy to skip: After all, post-workout, you’re squeezing in a quick shower and onto the next thing, sprinting back to your office or out to a business dinner.

But going from 60 to 0 is no way to end a workout, especially in the summer. Not only do you wind up sweating through your change of clothes (and sporting a red face to match), you could be putting yourself in harm’s way: “Abruptly stopping after an exercise routine can be detrimental to the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system,” says Brittani Cookinham, a performance physical therapist and certified athletic trainer at EXOS, an integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy institute for elite and professional athletes.

To facilitate the quickest and most effective cool-down, employ these savvy expert strategies: