Member spotlight: Jeff Lee

Have you always prioritized fitness?

I was actually very overweight for most of my childhood and didn’t exercise until my freshman year at Stanford, when I went to a gym for the first time. Before Equinox, I had never experienced yoga, barre, group fitness, or personal training. Equinox opened a world of firsts for me.

What's your current routine like?

I’m all about HIIT: METCON3, Whipped, Stacked!, Tabata, and Firestarter. I’m hooked on group fitness, but I usually program my own workouts when I’m not taking a class, and I lean on Furthermore and Equinox experts for new ideas. I’ll work with a Tier 3 trainer for a few months at a time to correct my form and teach me new things. Matt Delaney, who’s a legend at the Tier X level, has inspired me on a regular basis.

How did your passion for Equinox develop?

I was a corporate lawyer until 2015, and I had probably been to about sixty percent of the then-open clubs while traveling for work. Equinox was a cornerstone of my life from the start; it gave me consistency when I was traveling.

In 2017, I realized that visiting all the clubs was an attainable goal, so I vowed to become the first member to do it. My test run was to Vancouver, Canada. I bought a plane ticket impulsively, thinking that it was totally insane. I worked out at the club two days in a row and got such a warm welcome.

Equinox was opening so many locations during that time so I was booking flights every weekend to Florida, Boston, LA—wherever.

Did you ever take drastic measures to reach a club in time for opening day?

Yes. As the COO at A-ROD Corp, I travel 120 days a year. Working on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, it’s hard to predict the schedule because of unexpected changes like extra innings and rain delays.

During the 2019 MLB playoffs, I knew the open date for Anthem Row in Washington, D.C., but I didn’t know where I’d have to fly from to get there since we weren't sure which teams would be playing. Instead of taking my chances and hoping to get a last-minute ticket, I booked flights from the three possible locations: Tampa, Oakland, and San Francisco. I ended up racing to catch a red-eye from SFO to Dulles as soon as the game ended.

By now, you probably have a favorite club.

I love them all, but I think some of them are particularly special. My favorite has to be Huntington Beach. That’s the one that inspired me to visit them all.

Why does that one stand out to you?

It really epitomizes the city’s beach culture and the people who live there. The lobby has surfboards in it and a chalkboard with updated information on the tides and water temperature. I hope Equinox continues to capture the vibrancy and soul of the communities around each new location.

What are some other cool features you’ve experienced?

If you want to run, the rooftop track at Equinox Sports Club New York makes you feel like you’re circling through the concrete jungle that is the Upper West Side. I also love that some clubs have the Jacob’s Ladder, which is hard to find and may be the most challenging piece of cardio equipment you’ll ever use. The outdoor terrace at Austin is breathtaking. I could spend a whole day there.

Speaking of Texas, you live-streamed a pretty hectic day trip there in 2017.

I did. I arrived in Dallas at the crack of dawn to visit the Preston Hollow club. I asked my Uber driver to take me around for an hour so I could sleep in the backseat before it opened, then I had to make it to Houston in time to take a Stacked! class. In 2019, I took day trips for the Lincoln Common, Plano, and Austin openings.

You most recently went to London to visit Bishopsgate. How was that?

One of the most challenging aspects of working out at every Equinox is taking international flights, but London has always made it worth the effort. Kensington and E St. James’s are masterpieces built around historic architecture, and it was immediately clear to me that Bishopsgate took all the luxury from those two clubs and packed it inside five floors of modern construction. The equipment, the design finishes, the custom staircase, and the aquarium-like studio, they’re all works of art. Bishopsgate feels like the start of a new frontier for Equinox in London—and the rest of the world.

Where would you love to see an Equinox open next?

I’m dying for a club in Laguna Beach with a rooftop pool. That’s my dream, and I know the people there would go wild for it. Also on my wish list is Denver, Colorado, and a far-flung location like Dubai.

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