You need movement snacks

Create a mini EMOM. 

For people who work at home, in a relaxed open-floor setting, or in the privacy of an office, Berenc recommends performing three compound exercises, each during a five-minute EMOM routine. For example, your first EMOM session (say, at 10 a.m.) could consist of 15 squats at the top of every minute, your second (at noon) could be 15 plank holds with spinal rotations, and your third (at 3 p.m.) could be 15 mountain climbers. Complete all reps of the indicated exercise at the top of every minute and use what’s left in each to recover. 

Make it to 100. 

Aim to complete 100 reps of a single exercise throughout the day, suggests Philip Deer, manager of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute in Beverly Hills. To keep track, draw 10 boxes on a sticky note and cross one off for every 10 reps. Any bodyweight or plyometric move will do.

Get creative with stairs. 

“Whenever I’m in the office, I’ll get up and walk at least three flights of stairs once an hour,” Berenc says. Don’t limit yourself to the sagittal plane, taking each step as you normally would. Move laterally up the stairs with your right or left side leading the way, or step each foot out to the side (as if you’re doing a skater) instead of straight up. Do this anytime you leave your desk. “At the end of the day, you’ll realize you’ve done a full workout,” Berenc says.