My grooming regimen: Nécessaire’s Nick Axelrod

Above all, moisturize.

“If I do one thing—if I’m too lazy or rushed to shower, fix my hair, or shave in the morning—I’ll just add another layer of moisturizer to my face. I’d rather look a little shiny than wrinkly or dehydrated. For daytime, I really like a heavy moisturizer. Right now I alternate between Go-To Very Useful Face Cream and Evolve Organic Beauty Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream. They’re both thick and formulated with clean ingredients. At night, I’ll wash my face with water and use an oil if I’m feeling fancy. I like Go-To Face Hero.”

Shave with lotion.

“I should shave every day because my facial hair grows quickly, but shaving irritates my skin. I always use a lotion versus a shaving cream, because it gives me a smoother shave. I like the Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter, then I’ll dab Tend Skin on any ingrown hairs around my jaw or neck. It’s intense stuff, but it gets the job done.”

Co-wash in between shampooing.

“[For hair care] I’m into Rahua right now, because it’s made without sulfates and a bunch of other nasty chemicals. I only use shampoo a couple times a week, and on mornings when I don’t, I’ll use a little conditioner to get out the sweat, dirt, and whatever else has gotten caught in my curls throughout the day.”

Prioritize clean products.

“For washing and hydrating, I use Nécessaire religiously, all over my body. The Body Wash in sandalwood has this insane honey-like texture that just feels good to use, and it gets you clean without drying your skin. It also scents your shower with sandalwood, which I love. The Body Lotion sinks in almost instantly, so you don’t feel greasy, but it’s super-hydrating. I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother, with less redness and bumps, when I use it.”

Be scent-curious.

“I don’t have one signature scent. I’m obsessed with smelling good, so I’m always trying different fragrances. I like ones that are lush and floral. I love Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower because it’s complex and kind of subversively feminine, and The Nue Co.’s Functional Fragrance, which claims to have anti-stress properties.”

Don’t mess with breakouts.

“I don’t believe any product truly minimizes pimples. Once it’s there, it kind of has to run its course. The only thing that really works when you feel a breakout coming on is a cortisone shot from the dermatologist. Otherwise, I apply a tiny bit of Koh Gen Do Moisture Fit concealer and just let it go.”

Cut the sugar.

“When I restrict sugar, my skin looks bright, I sleep better, and I wake up easily.”