Add fruit, herbs, and other ingredients to your brews.

A cup of tea not only hydrates (and, in some cases, invigorates), it can also provide medicinal benefits, depending on the ingredients. “Learning to harness chamomile, mint, fennel, pollen, rose, roots, and oregano and delivering it in a soothing product, which is tea, is not only calorie-friendly, it is a self-care habit," ” says Katzie Guy-Hamilton, Equinox’s New York City–based director of food and beverage. "Build it into an energizing morning, stabilizing afternoon, or evening wind-down routine." But, a warming brew should not be limited to the pre-packaged flavors on offer. So, New York City-based recipe developer Sarah Jampel created four customized blends using fruits, herbs, and, of course, tea.
Photography by Robert Bredvad