Sculpt your body with this 9-move routine from Ally Short.

For New York City-based fitness model Ally Short, blending work and play comes naturally. “I love fitness and have been involved with sports my whole life,” says the 27-year-old, who developed an ambitious mindset as co-captain of a nationally-competing cheer team. She took that drive into the gym and eventually signed with a sports and lifestyle modeling agency in LA.

Short's career requires healthy living from sunup to sundown. Read more about her daily routine below, then click through the slideshow for her workout.

I typically wake up around 7:30 a.m. and turn on my Nespresso right away. I’m from Seattle, so coffee has always been a routine for me. Two words: oat milk—I couldn’t imagine life without it. For breakfast, I usually make eggs with avocado or oatmeal loaded with blueberries, peanut butter, Manuka honey, goji berries, and chia seeds. 

If I know I have castings later in the day, I’ll head to Equinox Orchard Street one block from my apartment and train for about an hour and a half. I try to sign up for a workout class or go to the gym four days a week. Boxing and cycling are great for cardio and when I’m looking to tone, I sign up for barre. On my way out, I grab a green juice from Juice Press.

When I can, I like going outside and using benches or other non-traditional equipment, like I do in the workout below. Ending with three cardio finishers helps you burn more calories all day. It’s also very important for me to take a rest day, so I schedule time for foam rolling or a massage.

A favorite lunch spot for me is Broken Coconut. They have the best spicy tuna poke salads. In the afternoon, I take my new six-month-old golden-lab puppy, Banksy, to a nearby soccer field and run her around. She enjoys it and I get a little more cardio in for the day. 

As a licensed esthetician, I’m constantly working on the best skincare routine. I schedule a facial at least once a month and I also recently found a place called the Face Gym that literally works out your face. Lastly, water, water, water. Drinking enough every day will drastically change how you look and feel. 

I make chicken marinated in my favorite teriyaki glaze with sweet potatoes and asparagus tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper. It sounds boring, but my boyfriend loves it (or so he says). Sleep is so crucial. I have to get at least seven hours each night or else my body really feels the difference. I’ve started a new nighttime ritual of drinking chamomile tea. It improves my sleep quality and I feel good knowing I got some antioxidants before bed.

Click through the slideshow below to try her workout for yourself. First, warm up with 30 seconds each of high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, and walk-out planks. Perform the routine once before or after a cardio or strength session, or complete 4 to 5 rounds for a full workout.

Photography by Coty Tarr. Styling by Jamie Frankel. Art direction by Kathryn Marx.