Gift guide: for the home

Featuring picks from athletes, chefs, and entrepreneurs

This holiday season, we’re sharing gift guides curated by athletes, actors, chefs, and our editors. In this fourth installment, we curated recommendations from a variety of notable high-performers including a fashion entrepreneur, an NFL player, and a jewelry designer.

made in 12” frying pan

“This pan from Made In Cookware makes for a great gift. They’re the pieces you’d most likely see in one of my kitchens because they’re so versatile.”
-Tom Colicchio, founder of Crafted Hospitality and host of Bravo’s Top Chef
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keap wood cabin candle

“I would definitely gift a candle from Keap. They’re made locally in Brooklyn and have great scents—Wood Cabin is my favorite.”
-Danielle Bernstein, founder of WeWoreWhat and designer of Onia x WeWoreWhat
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philips micro juicer

“I think a juicer or extractor makes a good gift, especially for someone active and interested in healthy cooking. I love green juices—to drink, but also to brighten a salad, veggie bowl, or even seared fish—and it’s fun making your own.”
-Diego Garcia, executive chef at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York
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cozzia cz-630 massage chair

“The wellness-related gift that I plan to buy this year is the Cozzia massage chair because it massages, heats, stretches, and does a lot of amazing recovery.”
-Trae Waynes, cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings
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oura ring

“Sleep and activity trackers traditionally run into problems with accuracy. I would gift the OURA ring because it slips onto your finger instead of your wrist, which makes your stats easier to detect without all of the electromagnetic radiation that you get with wrist devices. You’ll get precise reads on heart rate, sleep, body temperature, and more, and you’ll barely notice it’s there.”
-Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof
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unicorn mills pepper mill

“These are the best pepper mills ever. They are the ultimate gift for friends, family, coworkers—anyone.”
-Joshua Pinsky, chef at Momofuku Nishi
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crystals: the stone deck

“This year, everyone on my list is getting this deck of cards that each depict a different crystal believed to have healing powers. The images are truly beautiful to behold, and the cards are fun to play with, whether you draw one to forecast your day or put three, with the vibes you aspire to, at your bedside.”
-Anna Sheffield, jewelry designer at Anna Sheffield and Bing Bang NYC
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