3 medicine ball slam variations

Plus, how to master the basic move

Arguably the most popular of medicine ball exercises, the slam builds total-body aerobic and anaerobic power. It teaches the core to transfer force between upper and lower body, necessary for sports performance.

“You can manipulate load, speed, reps, sets, stance, direction, and ball type to make the slam session fit your goals,” says Todd Anderson, personal training manager at Equinox The Loop in Chicago and a former Division I and professional football player.

How to do it:Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding a medicine ball in both hands, arms extended overhead with elbows slightly bent, keeping the core engaged. Throw the ball at the ground as hard as you can, exhaling on exertion. Squat to retrieve the ball and return to start. Repeat.

Once you master the basic move, try these three dynamic variations.
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