The Runner’s Upper-Body Workout

5 exercises that will make you faster and stronger on the road

Runners tend to give their legs all the credit for their speed, but ignoring other crucial body parts slows them down. While the quads, hamstrings, and calves do their fair share of work, the upper body plays an integral role in performance

“Strengthening your upper back, core, and arms helps you run more efficiently and maintain proper balance, which in turn creates less strain on your body and reduces your injury risk,” says Heidi Anderson, a Precision Running coach at Equinox Chestnut Hill in Boston.

Below, Julian Ho, a Precision Running coach at Equinox Yorkville in Toronto, Canada, demonstrates five exercises that will help you be a better, faster, stronger runner. “It comes down to a patterns-over-parts mentality,” he says. Running is a mix of macro and micro movement patterns, and this routine trains a range of the smaller ones to help you achieve your goals.

Do 3 to 4 sets of these stretches and upper-body moves 2 to 3 times per week and you’ll see the results on the road.

Photography by Gabor Jurina. Art direction by Kathryn Marx.