3 fitness practices for longevity

The power is in the push-up.

Guest Editor:
Blair UnderwoodOn Maintaining Fitness

In his 32nd year in the business, Blair Underwood knows that maintaining fitness and wellness is key to success. However, that doesn’t mean he exercises every single day. He hits the gym about three times a week, but even on his off days he stays in motion, both physically and mentally.

His father, now in his mid-80s, passed that notion down to him. “He put great emphasis on staying physical,” Underwood says. He has also adapted wisdom from 93-year-old actress and former model Cicely Tyson. Here, three practices from these two well-aged high-performers that inspire Underwood to stay active despite his busy schedule.

Get some action in the bedroom.
The day doesn’t start after you shower or drink your coffee. As Underwood’s dad knows well, it starts the second you open your eyes. He puts that belief into practice by doing exercises like leg raises, on his back and on his sides, before getting out of bed. For an extra boost of energy, complement your in-bed moves with this in-bed breathing technique or this ideal morning workout.

Push through your day.
Having performed about 80 Broadway shows with Tyson, Underwood knows how strong she really is. “She’s tiny, but she’s ripped—all muscle,” he says. One of her secrets: Push-ups. To this day, she does 60 reps every day, according to Underwood. Mix things up with these 10 push-up variations.

Commit to an uphill battle.
Blacklisting the elevator at the office is a good start, but Tyson checks off her cardio by walking up and down the Santa Monica Stairs, a landmark infamous in the fitness community for its 170 steps. Research shows that interval training on an incline (like hills or stairs) helps you run longer, faster. Follow these eight tips to get the most out of your next uphill workout, then put your strength to the test on one of these next-level hikes.

For our first guest editorship, Furthermore selected a partner who epitomizes the high-performance lifestyle. Blair Underwood stars in Quantico (season three premiered on April 26) and just launched a new shoe line, Right Bank Shoe Co. for Blair Underwood. He does it all—and maintains his notorious youthfulness—by eating well, staying physical, and staying emotional. He’s curated a series of articles for Furthermore (at left) that highlight his passion for balance and motion.

Fundamental fitness: 2 in 1

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