Next-level running

4 moves that will make you fitter and faster

In addition to sheer endurance, both longtime runners and beginners need cross-training in order to maximize their potential and make the miles fly.

Running is a natural human movement, yes, but it needs to be treated like a sport,” says marathoner and New York City-based Equinox group fitness instructor Miriam Wasmund. “Long-term, one wouldn’t dance or play football without any [cross-] training and expect to do it well. This is no different.”

That’s why Wasmund designed the circuit below—to strengthen the muscles and movement patterns you use when you run. By shoring up everything in the chain from your core to your calves, you’ll feel stronger when you’re pounding the pavement and you’ll be able to go for longer at a faster pace.

Do 1 set of each move in order as part of your regular strength routine or on its own.

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