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My Healthy: Franco Noriega

The pro athlete-turned-chef shares his wellness essentials

Previously a professional swimmer (he qualified for the 2004 Athens Olympics, but was injured before they began), Franco Noriega pursued acting before a change of heart pushed him to enroll in culinary school. Today he’s best known for his New York City restaurant Baby Brasa, which offers dishes like organic roasted chicken flavored with traditional Peruvian spices. And the former competitive athlete also keeps up his fitness. “I work out at Equinox five to six times a week,” says Noreiga. “I normally choose one body part and go from there: shoulders on Monday, chest on Tuesday, and so on. I really get obsessed with working specific parts of my body and seeing results.” Here, he shares the picks that keep him on top of his game.

Portraits: courtesy of Franco Noriega