Yoga Wheels Can Enhance Your Practice

And an expert shares how the tool compares to blocks.

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Yoga wheels are trending amongst yogis looking to get more out of their practice. 
"This prop can be used to assist backbends by increasing the extension of the thoracic area of the spine," says Lara Benusis, yoga consultant for Equinox and Pure Yoga, physiologist, and researcher at Columbia University. "It can also be used as a foundation for the pelvis during supported inversions like Viparita Karani (aka legs-up-the-wall pose)."

What makes the tool different from the other items on the market, such as yoga blocks, is its instability factor, notes Benusis. "It provides athletes an opportunity to increase the stabilizing strength of the torso and makes it fun to explore different loads and angles."
"This device is great for facilitating targeted stretches and traction in difficult to access regions of the body," says Benusis. She cautions that individuals who are hypermobile will want to use caution, since it could increase the risk of over extending joints.