Multi-Planar Hip Openers

Reversing the negative impact of sitting is a key aspect of the high-performance lifestyle.

Athletes with day jobs can spend the majority of their hours seated in a chair—and unfortunately, one of the biggest muscles that takes a hit from that habit is the hips. They shorten. They tighten. They restrict our movement, inhibiting our efforts in the gym.

Prioritizing them, though, can improve how you feel and how you perform in your workouts. Doing so involves working in different planes of motion. “We move in three different planes of motion in everyday life. For example, when was the last time you got out of bed in a perfectly straight line? You probably rolled to the side, and pushed yourself up with an elbow. The body is designed to function synergistically to conserve energy and allow us freedom of movement,” says Josh Stolz, high performance manager at WeWork.

Loosen up by incorporating these creative hip mobilizers into your weekly or daily routine.