The half-marathon coach: George Rose

The Tier X trainer on his must-have gear and his go-to London running route

Running is an excellent mode of exploration when visitingnew cities. And signing up for a race in a spot you’re planning to visit is even more ideal as you’re guaranteed a set route and fuel along the way. TheLondon Landmarks Half Marathonon March 25th2018 checks those boxes—and brings it to thenext level, taking participants past Big Ben, The Tower of London, and the London Eye as well as quirky and hidden landmarks such as Oscar Wilde’s memorial. To commemorate the special event, for which Equinox is the official fitness and training partner, we’ll be introducing you to our London-based Equinox run crew including personal trainers who specialize in running and even a world-class professional marathoner who coaches novice and elite athletes alike. Take note of their favorite exercises, training strategies, restaurant recommendations, and more.

Last week, we heard fromBecs Gentry. This week, we’re featuringGeorge Rose.

As a Tier X coach, George Rose employs a careful, varied approach to training his clients and himself. An accomplished triathlete (he competes in around five per year), he’s no stranger to creating a plan and sticking to it. A special focus on moving in all planes of motion, with both weighted and bodyweight exercises, ensures holistic mobility and strength. “The human body is a system designed to create movement in all directions and to use muscles as systems for movement rather than in isolation,” he says. But that doesn’t mean cardio isn’t equally prioritized: “Your cardiovascular system is your engine, and I want to make sure all my clients have strong engines that work well,” says Rose. He complements running with rowing and cycling for active recovery.

What’s your favorite strength exercise for runners?

Ice skaters provide loaded deceleration and acceleration in one exercise.

How would you describe your running philosophy?

The hardest thing about running is putting your shoes on. After that you’re flying. I believe people were born to do it.

Do you have a must-have piece of gear?

My Compex rower. I use the active recovery setting within three hours of training and the regeneration setting the following day.

What’s your go-to running route in London?

I love to run by the river from Putney to Richmond and back. I’ll add a lap of Richmond Park if I need to.

Is there a training goal you’re working toward in 2018?

I’m aiming for under 10 hours in the Ironman France 2018.

What’s your favorite inspirational quote about running?

“The reason we race isn't so much to beat each other, but to be with each other.” -Born to Run, Christopher McDougall