3 Healthy Instant Soups

These DIY versions feature bean, chicken, and pork proteins.

“You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making soup—in fact, it can be easy and done in just ten minutes,” says Denver-based recipe developer Julia Heffelfinger. The secret revolves around layering in glass jars. You’ll want to start with sauces and aromatics that will flavor your broth like miso, bouillon, or fish sauce, says Heffelfinger. Then, add something to contrast with this ingredient to give it a little depth, like minced fresh ginger, store-bought marinara sauce, or coconut milk. Next, add some heft with cooked grains, leftover pasta, roasted potatoes, canned beans, chickpeas, or pre-cooked proteins like sausage and shredded chicken. You want to make sure these ingredients are sturdy and can sit in the sauces on the bottom of the jar without wilting. On top, place fresh vegetables like leafy greens, spiralized veggie noodles, fresh herbs, or scallion. Lastly, incorporate a little acidity with citrus or vinegar.

“This formula is incredibly versatile so you can make your own combinations with whatever you have in your fridge. Plus, these soups are easy to make ahead of time and portable.” When you’re ready to eat, just pour boiling water over the top and let them sit for a few minutes."

Here, three versions to try now.