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5 What the Health ‘Facts’ to Reconsider

The buzzy film shouldn’t alarm athletes who enjoy wild-caught salmon and omelettes.

If you haven’t seen What The Health, you’ve undoubtedly been told you should by every one of your health-conscious friends (at least half of whom have probably changed your dinner reservations to a vegan spot). Filmmaker Kip Andersen makes a strong argument that most major diseases can be avoided and potentially reversed by giving up meat and dairy. Diet is indeed the most powerful tool we have to fight against disease. Many health experts, like Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a Flemington, New Jersey-based physician, nutrition researcher, and author of The End of Heart Disease and The End of Dieting, argue that the vast majority of Americans do eat way too many animal products.

What’s more, Andersen pulls back the curtain on how powerful funding is on the messages most governing bodies put forth (i.e. the dairy industry funding a study about the health benefits of milk).

However, Andersen isn’t a scientist or a nutrition researcher—and those facts really come through in the way he cherry-picked the research presented in the film. So we asked a handful of credentialed experts to give context to what he may have missed.