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Healthy Meal Prep for Fit Bodies: Week 1

Learn how to roast a chicken, make chimichurri, and more for a week’s worth of lunches.

Whether at Coachella or the office, high-performers know that meal prep makes a difference. Takeout is often loaded with extra oils and high in sodium. And studies show that people who spend more time on home food preparation have a higher-quality diet. That’s why we’re introducing our new healthy meal prep series. The plans to follow support Equinox’s nutritional pillars that functional food should be full of nutrients and free of added sugars to make you feel and perform at your best.

If you’ve never taken a week off from buying lunch, here is an excuse to try it. Each week will have practical cooking takeaways and unlike most meal prep plans, no two meals are the same.

This month’s guide is curated by Katzie Guy-Hamilton, chef and director of food and beverage at Equinox.

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“Even when I buy clean takeout food for lunch, I look and feel better with prepped meals since I’m in control of the ingredient quality, salt, and fat content,” says Guy-Hamilton. “This guide keeps it lean and mean Monday through Wednesday with roast chicken protein, nourishes solely with plant-based fare on Thursday, and finishes the week on Friday with an indulgent, yet healthy steak salad.”

Sunday Preparations:

Shop for all the ingredients and allow 2.5 hours to cook, starting with roasting the chicken. View shopping list here.

Roast the chicken.

Roast chicken

Fit Chef How-To: Roast chicken

“Bigger isn’t necessarily better with birds, and I think the sweet spot is a 3.5 to 3.8-pound pasture-raised chicken,” says Guy-Hamilton. “I like to cook it breast side down, as the juices run down into the lean breast meat and ensure that it never ends up dry.”

Slipping flavor under the skin is also a great tip. Guy-Hamilton opts for a simple stuffing of lemon, onion, and herbs with a small amount of goat cheese and herbes de provence (a versatile calming blend that includes lavender, thyme, and rosemary).

For super crispy skin, Guy-Hamilton suggests turning the oven up from 365 to 500 degrees for the final five minutes.


Prepare the condiments.

These two green sauces come together quickly in a food processor and will add depth of flavor to anything from protein to veggies. The condiment kit consists of various nuts, oils, spices, and citrus to dress up your meals at your desk.


Using the roast chicken and the condiments, you’ll prepare the first three days of lunches. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also cook the 10-minute farro for the grain bowl and make the salad for Friday’s lunch.

Wednesday Preparations:


Take 20 minutes to quickly prepare Thursday and Friday’s meals so that they are as fresh as possible. This means making the blistered tomato-veggie stir-fry for the grain bowl and searing the protein for the steak and peach salad.