Football's pre-season workout

Build power, stability, and speed with this circuit routine.

When you’re out on the field—or anywhere, really—it pays to be fast, yet focused, and to stay strong on your feet no matter how tired you get. “In football, not only do you have togenerate a lot of power, but you also have to control yourself and the forces coming at you,” says Brenan Ghassemieh, a Tier X coach in Newport Beach, California, who trains college and NFL players regularly. For this reason, his workouts always incorporate movements that combine both power and agility. Each of these high-intensity moves is then paired with a stabilizing exercise. “Athletes tend to be at a higher risk of injury when they’re tired because they’re less stable and their technical skills start to diminish. Therefore, you want to train in a way that helps you learn to stabilize when you’re in a more fatigued state,” notes Ghassemieh. That’s the same game plan he followed when designing this sport-specific workout which will help you develop strength, speed, and stability.

Perform each combo as a circuit, moving from one exercise (a power/agility move) to the next (a stabilizer) without rest. Complete 3 to 4 sets, rest 1 to 2 minutes, and then go on to the next one. Before you start, do a 10-minute warm-up filled with dynamic movements like lateral resistance band walks, wall drills, A-skips, and butt-kicks. After finishing the workout, cool down for about 10 minutes with stretches, an easy jog, or any other low-intensity activity.

*Notes: If you don’t have a football on hand, you can use a medicine ball or any other type of ball, or simply use your bodyweight. Also, for best results, Ghassemieh recommends you move your workout to the beach once every week or two, if possible. “Performing these exercises on sand will reduce impact while upping the intensity, which could improve your joint health and your power.” Catch our Facebook Live with Ghassemieh, fullback Keith Smith of the Dallas Cowboys, and Newport Beach Tier 2 trainer Elliott Dole.