Destination: cliff jumping

From Arizona to Hawaii, these locations are Instagram-ready.

Jumping off cliffs into deep waters has long seduced thrill-seeking adventurists. Cliff diving is considered a sport, thanks to Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which returns this summer with various contenders diving from up to 90 feet in exotic locations. Even Wonder Woman leapt into the deep blue sea from a ledge in the summer blockbuster film (no spoiler; it’s in the trailer). Now, everyday tourists equipped with GoPros are capturing their jumps in action, which amps the allure on social media. Some people dedicate the majority of their Instagram feeds to cliff jumping, like Zach Liptak, and the team at Beautiful Destinations is known to do backflips off cliffs in breathtaking places.

There are several places where travelers can live life on the (cliff’s) edge with safe, legal jumps (from up to 40 feet) into swimming holes, rivers, and oceans. Still, at these five popular spots, avoid flips or acrobatics and stick to the “pencil dive” where you jump into the water feet first with hands to your sides. Daredevil leaps should be left to professionals or experienced divers.

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