10 Abs Exercises for Runners

This 10-minute workout will enhance your six-pack and your stride.

“Your core is what holds you upright when sprinting and running,” says Cory Wharton-Malcolm, certified running coach and co-founder of Track Mafia, a running club in London. “That’s the key, so building that core strength helps you be a stronger runner.” Every Thursday, Wharton-Malcolm and his crew of about 30 meet at Paddington Recreation Grounds to run through some sprints and drills. Then, they end the workout with ten abs exercises. (To learn more about Track Mafia and why they’re the most mysterious running group in London, check out our full feature here.)

Wharton-Malcom and co. make up the exact workout on the spot. “That’s the idea,” he says, “We take it in turns and it’s normally ten minutes, so ten moves.” Here, a sample routine you can do in the gym or outside.  

Try it after a run or as an add-on to any other workout. Perform each exercise*, one after the next, for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds in between each. “They’re all done fluidly, just like yoga,” says Wharton-Malcolm.

*Exercises demonstrated by Emanuel Yeboah, a professional soccer player in London (for Crystal Palace). For more on the soccer scene in the UK, check out the full story here, featuring Yeboah and other rising soccer stars.