The future of sneakers

From biodegradable fabric to auditory add-ons, kicks are getting high-tech.

Technology will play a big part in next-generation sneaker design,” says D’Wayne Edwards, founder of PENSOLE footwear design academy and former footwear design director at Jordan Brand. “In the future,sneaker materials will absorb human DNA, which will enable them to not only change color based on the wearer’s mood, heart rate, or body temperature, but also detect dehydration, high blood pressure, muscle strains, and much more,” he notes. And though this sounds very far ahead of the game, we have already seen iterations that are close. During the most recent Consumer Electronics Show, Under Armour released the Gemini 2, which features sensors that pair with an app, alerting the user to distance traveled, calories burned, and level of wear on the sneakers. Similarly, Nike released the HyperAdapt 1.0 that boasts self-lacing technology. But as predicted, there is more in store for sneakers. Here, three exciting advances to look out for in the near future.

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