Trending: Solid Fragrances

6 travel-friendly scents that don't require any spritzing

Solid fragrances are not new—Cleopatra was a fan of the wax- and oil-based scents that melt like butter on your skin. But they might be new to you; as solids regain popularity, both niche and mass-market labels are quickly producing more. And, while there isn’t anything wrong with your liquid scent, a solid does offer you a few conveniences that bottled perfume does not. Consider this: A solid scent, packed smartly into a compact case, pocket, or clutch, is travel-friendly. Plus, it won't spill and you can’t accidentally spray it in the wrong direction.

Just spread a sliver of wax between your finger and thumb, warming it up before applying it to the pulse points on your wrists and neck. Some men will rub a little in their mustache; the wax and oils double as a conditioner for whiskers. Here, six great options to try now.