Meet the fitness rebels: Kirsty Godso

The PROJECT trainer on killer workouts, one-handed chin-ups, fuel, and more.

Whether it’s aside hustleor some othercreative pursuit, every high performer needs a passion—and a project. That’s the idea behind the newPROJECT by Equinox. It’s a “creative space for fitness rebels” in downtown Manhattan where breakthrough fitness talent creates innovative workouts ranging from The Sculpt Society (a total-body cardio workout that incorporates light weights and sliders) to The Ultimate Runner’s Workout (drills and unilateral exercises to improve speed, agility, and balance). Over the next six weeks, Furthermore is introducing you to six of PROJECT’s top trainers that are challenging you to move differently. First up: Kirsty Godso.

While pursuing her degree in finance and marketing, New Zealand-born Godso realized that her true passion project was fitness. “My entire degree revolved around my workout schedule, so it didn’t take long to do the math,” she says. The core of her exercise philosophy: high-intensity interval training. It's all about workouts that make you want to be sick and smile at the same time, she adds. But ultimately, her goal is to create routines at PROJECT that affect the way people feel about fitness. And it's working: the Nike master trainer quickly became a venerable Instagram star (with more than 117K Followers).

What’s your signature exercise?


What was the inspiration behind your class at PROJECT?

<style> </style><p>“I really wanted to incorporate some of my favorite strength training exercises with my favorite elements of HIIT training to deliver an overall total-body killer workout that anyone can 'enjoy'.”

What’s your mantra?

<style> </style><p>“If you want it go get it! So much of the time we talk about things when really we need to spend more time doing and less time talking.”

Name 3 things in your gym bag you couldn’t live without.

<style> </style><ol><li>Whey Protein powder<li><a href=https://www.beatsbydre.com/earphones/powerbeats3-wireless target=_blank>Beats By Dre Wireless Earphones</a><li><a href=https://www.glossier.com/products/balm-dotcom?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxPbHBRCdxJLF3qen3dYBEiQAMRyxS62cRXSeo2_DjNjCWJ-WlnaJ3_FTOT_4TDuR3ePCUrQaAtjC8P8HAQ target=_blank>Glossier Balm Dotcom</a></ol>

How do you regenerate?

<style> </style><p>“Yoga, walking with friends, magnesium, and sleep. And if being in the ocean is an option I am there!”

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Fitness formula: HIIT + yoga

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