david guetta workout playlist

Celebrity Playlist: David Guetta

The global superstar shares the songs destined to light your workout up.

David Guetta has come a long way since his career kicked off in the French house music scene in 1988. Consistently at the cutting edge of what’s typically a fickle and ever-evolving genre, Guetta has dominated dance with a variety of pulsating singles that eventually become ubiquitous parts of the popular music landscape. With his seventh album on the horizon, Guetta recently released his latest banger: a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne dubbed “Light My Body Up.” And in celebration, Guetta crafted a playlist (exclusively for Furthermore) in honor of his next smash. Featuring fellow superstars, fresh faces, and tracks courtesy of Guetta himself, it’s a collection of hits he appropriately titled: "Songs That Light My Body Up."

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