The burpees you should be doing

6 new ways to add intensity to the classic exercise

“The humble burpee is the go-to move for anyone serious about getting into the best shape of their lives,” says Equinox master instructor Gerren Liles. “Burpees are a total-body movement that develop power and stability and stoke your metabolism—and they can be done anywhere.”

What many athletes fail to realize, however, is that there are infinite variations, regressions, and progressions of the original version. Here's what a move needs to qualify as a burpee: a squat, thrust, and a hop. Then, get creative. “You can add a strength component by adding dumbbells or kettlebells and you can add instability by using Swiss balls, BOSU balls, a TRX, and more,” says Liles. No matter how you spice them up, burpees are excellent for developing strong shoulders and powerful quads while burning fat. “Very few exercises match the benefits of the dreaded burpee.”

Pick one or two of these moves to sprinkle into your routine at a time (or use them as a metabolic finisher). Liles recommends doing them for time rather than reps. Start with one minute and work your way up to one and a half minutes, completing as many reps as possible in that time.

*Stay tuned for the second set of moves in this two-part series.

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