The New York Knicks' warm-up

Pre-game for your next workout with this surprising plan.

Just like runners, boxers, and other athletes, much of the New York Knicks' training takes place off the courts—and in the gym. Before they tackle this strength training plan, designed by Mubarak “Bar” Malik, director of performance for the New York Knicks, they do this innovative warm-up. “Its focus is priming the body to move by emphasizing mobility and stability of the core,” says Malik. In short, it’s a great pre-game for pretty much any workout or sport you have on deck.

You may find it interesting that this routine utilizes a kettlebell, rather than bodyweight. “It's important to use a weighted a kettlebell during the warm-up because the grip and squeezing of the bell engages the nervous system to stabilize itself under resistance, leading to increased total-body awareness,” says Malik. Still, don’t use the same bell you plan to use in the strength routine. “The weight should be lighter during the warm-up, between 10 to 20 pounds,” Malik says.

Before diving in, do a little pre-warm-up with yourfoam roller (to increase blood flow and tissue suppleness) and dynamic stretching to actively elongate muscles, per Malik. Then, perform two sets of six to eight reps of each of the following moves.

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