5 Health Start-Ups to Watch in 2017

Their brand new or soon-to-be-available tech will help you sleep more soundly, customize your diet, and more.

Innovators are working hard to help make the world a healthier place. The advent of edible data trackers, for instance, is streamlining everything from monitoring vital signs to measuring internal body temperature. But the most exciting breakthroughs are yet to come. 

Proof: The wellness exhibit space at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place earlier this month, was 35 percent larger than last year’s. “The show featured some 90 health-related companies, all with the goal of enabling consumers to take better control of their well-being,” says Allie Fried, director of global event communications for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Plus, according to StartUp Health Insights’ Funding Report, more than $8 billion was invested in digital health companies in 2016 alone.

Regardless of whether they’re delivered in the form of gadgets, apps, or other software platforms, the services provided by each of these new, buzz-worthy start-ups could potentially make you (and those you care about) smarter, stronger, and fitter in the years ahead.