The best fitness-inspired music videos

"Call On Me"

The video for this 2004 single features several women and a man in '80s aerobics looks (apparently in a nod to the 1985 John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis film Perfect) performing very modern dance moves.


Eighties-era Jane Fonda was part of the inspiration for this video from Minogue's 2014 album Kiss Me Once. When it was released, her record label described it "as the hottest workout video ever." We'd agree.

"The New Workout Plan"

Back in the day, West wasn't so serious in his music videos—and this 2004 clip is proof. In it, he used fitness to make a satirical comment on women's role in hip-hop culture, all in a very infomercial-like setting. The video features cameos by John Legend, Anna Nicole Smith, Tracee Ellis Ross and more.


Yes, this 2006 video boasts Oompa Loompas, endless rows of lollipops and will.i.am, but the scene featuring Fergie wearing bright-colored Spandex and pumping iron is the real standout moment. Oh, and let's not forget the infamous phrase "I be up in the gym just working on my fitness," which has since been the caption for an endless number of gym selfies.


Olivia Newton John is the godmother of workout-themed music videos, thanks to this iconic 1981 clip. Dressed in a tight leotard, the pop star spends the video flexing her muscles as the gym coach we all wish we had growing up.

"Hung Up"

Here's another video inspired by John Travolta. This time, it's Madonna nodding to his moves in Saturday Night Fever. Madonna's no stranger to top-notch fitness, as she proves here doing intense dance moves in a retro-looking pink leotard.


The 2005 video for this rapper's song features models a multiplicity of exercises—stretching, cardio, crunches, squats, you name it—that could very well resemble any full-body workout. Banner serves as their trainer, but we think he should've worked up a sweat, too.

"It's Raining Men"

Never saw the '80s move Fame? This video serves as a Cliff's Notes version, where the former Spice Girl practices some high-intensity ballet moves as well as some core exercises. Oh yeah, and she dances in the rain.

"One More Night"

Usher is currently portraying a boxer on the big screen, but Maroon 5's Adam Levine did it first here. The video actually does a good job of illustrating the discipline and intense physical training behind boxing.