Trending: Wellness Festivals

These fests offer more than music.

As Coachella wraps up this weekend, we have summer music festivals on the brain. But other than planning for the big ones like Lollapalooza and Governors Ball, it's also a good time to consider wellness festivals. Music is a big part of these events, but the focus also includes healthy living, nature, mental clarity, interpersonal connectedness, and more.

Sean Hoess, co-founder of Wanderlust—a yoga-centric, international wellness festival circuit—says his team’s idea was born of shifting priorities: “As we got a bit older, we started to care more about our health, about living and eating well," he says. 

Founded in 2009, Wanderlust now has 30 international single-day wellness festivals—these Wanderlust 108s are field days that feature meditation, 5K runs, yoga, workshops, healthy food markets with local crafts, and more. There's also seven multi-day Wanderlust Festivals in the U.S., Canada, and Australia that last an entire weekend and incorporate the personality of each location—Vermont’s rugged terrain, or Australia’s Queensland coastline, for example—plus music headliners, expert panels, bike excursions, and all of the benefits of the smaller “Wanderlust 108” events.

Says Hoess of why wellness festivals are so successful: “They promote an entire lifestyle. People are drawn to these kinds of events because they feel so connected to the greater intent.” 

Here, some other fests that promote personal and communal wellness: