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Eat Like An Icelander

The Arctic country's cuisine helps explains why they live long, happy lives.

Our interest in Icelandic cooking isn’t just related to the island-nation’s recent popularity as a travel destination. We know that a country’s cuisine is an underpinning of its culture and quality of life; and since Iceland is the third happiest country in the world and ranks sixth for life expectancy, what they eat must have something to do with it. “Maintaining good health is not something that Icelanders consider as an obligation,” explains author and Icelandic food expert Jody Eddy. “[Staying healthy] is a part of their everyday lives and is incorporated into their routine without thinking about it.” And the key to maintaining this balanced, happy lifestyle has everything to do with what Icelanders eat and drink

While chefs from Copenhagen to Reykjavik are reimagining Nordic food with birch wood and edible moss, the diet of everyday Icelanders is also derived from the rugged landscape and pristine waters. The tiny island provides its population a natural bounty.