My dinner party: Jonathan Adler

The designer shares the must-haves that makes his gatherings a success.

If you're familiar with the colorful work of potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler, then you can probably imagine the type of dinner party he'd throw. Adler is all about bold, chic updates on Mid-century modern-inspired home decor items. So when we asked him to provide details on the kind of evening fete he'd host in his New York City home, Adler didn't disappoint with his creative and witty ideas. Here, his stylish picks for an unforgettable night at chez Adler.

on the menu

"My hubby, Simon Doonan, and I are big fans of serving 'Thanksgiving dinner' at every dinner party. It’s everyone’s favorite meal and for some reason you only get to have it once a year."

what we're drinking

"We don’t drink, so it’s probably just sparkling water. Snooze. But in the summer I’m all about iced tea with milk—it’s weird, I know, but I’m trying to make it a thing. The next time you’re out ask for a 'Jonathan Adler.'"

the décor

"I like to set a maximalist table. A minimalist table setting is a total buzzkill. If there’s a lot of stuff going on they’re comfortable living their lives. My new obsession is our 1948° dinnerware [pictured above]—it’s white porcelain with real gold dripped on it. It’s formal enough for the holidays but doesn’t feel too precious."
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the guest list

"The key is to always have a few glamorous eccentrics, like Audrey Hepburn did in 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s.' A random selection of high-low and everything in between is what makes a party fun. Ideally I’d have at least one heiress and at least one drag queen."

what we're listening to

"I wish I could say something super cool and indie that you’ve never heard of, but the truth is I have the musical taste of a 13-year-old girl. The playlist is all Top 40, all the time."