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Q&A With Hannah Ware

The star of 'Hitman: Agent 47' on training for her first big action role.

In the new movie Hitman: Agent 47, British actress Hannah Ware plays Katia, a mysterious woman with a killer instinct who searches for clues about her past. It's Ware's first big action role, one that took a lot of time to prep for. "It was challenging because they really set me up with some really amazing fight choreography," she says. "Although it was hard, it was great fun as well." We recently spoke with Ware (you might recognize her from the Starz drama Boss) about training for those fights scenes, and how her musical tastes mirror those of her pop star sister, Jessie Ware.

Prepping for the film's fight scenes seems like it’d be equal parts amazing and grueling. What did you love, and what did you dread?
I really loved the kind of dance that Rupert [Friend] and I worked on together. That kind of fighting really felt like a dance. And then, in terms of stuff I hated… I don’t know what I really hated, but I actually have a hard time of not blinking when I fire. It’s a hard skill. I was reading a bit of Roger Moore’s biography, and he has a problem with that as well. Not that I’m likening myself to Roger Moore, but it happens to the best of us.

And I read somewhere that you trip a lot, so that must have been tricky while filming those scenes?
Yeah, I’m not the most coordinated person, so it did make things a bit more challenging for me. But I’m very flexible from years and years of yoga training. I run a lot, so I have good stamina. And I can be quite fearless about physical danger and putting myself in those types of situations. So, that kind of fearless—I’m lucky enough to not get too scared so easily—that helps in performing those scenes.

This movie took you to some cool locations, like Singapore and Berlin. Did you get to explore?
Yeah, I mean, I’m in the film a lot, so I didn’t have too many days off to explore. But we were shooting in some really cool locations, so just being in the filming locations meant we got to see a lot of the city. Both were really great. I’m a huge fan of Berlin, and I’d live there in a heartbeat. And Singapore was really exciting because it was like nowhere I’ve ever been. It’s incredibly exotic. And we were one of the first movies to ever shoot there, so it felt like we were pioneers in that aspect.

What’s one of your favorite vacation spots?
Oh, that’s a fun question. I’ve been going to the same island in Greece since I was little, it’s called Skopelos. My mum now has a little apartment there, and it’s wonderful.

Speaking of your family, you sister, Jessie, gave us a list of her favorite workout songs earlier this year. What song would make it onto your list?
Yeah, Jess and I exchange songs all the time. What did Jessie say? I want to know!

One of her picks was “Jealous” by Nick Jonas.
Oh yeah, because she did that wonderful cover of that song.

And she also picked the Nicki Minaj song she’s featured on.
She listens to her own songs, does she? Funny that Jessie listens to her own stuff. I’m joking. [Laughs] I love a bit of Beyonce “Diva.” I know it’s a little cheesy, but sometimes you need it. Or “7/11.” Zach [Quinto] has really got me on the song “Cheerleader” at the moment. We’ve been playing it in between interviews. What else do I love? Oh! And I love a bit of Kanye.

She picked a Kanye song, too.
How funny! See? We’re related!

This interview has been condensed and edited.