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Beauty That’s Good Enough to Eat

Try these 2-in-1 tonics for clear skin and even better health.

As consumer demand for greener, cleaner beauty grows, one company is making truly edible skin care and body care products. Organic Pharmacy’s new Beauty Drops, an antioxidant-rich blend of Gotu Kola, bilberry, and ginseng, can be applied to the skin to increase cellular oxygenation or taken internally to boost immunity.

“This idea is already quite popular in Europe,” says Organic Pharmacy’s resident homeopath Urvi Radia. “It’s common in herbal medicine to think both internally and externally and we’re seeing that consumers want to merge the areas of beauty and health more and more.”

The general dosage: As a topical beauty serum, smooth five drops onto your face or for internal benefits, take 10–15 drops twice a day (placed under the tongue or mixed into tea). Your only dilemma, where to store it? Bathroom medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard.

Here, Radia offers up four other botanical beauty-and-health tonics (consult a naturopath for specific recs) that can maximize your glow, improve digestion, work as after-shave, and help with muscle recovery.