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6 Reasons to Eat Carbs This Summer

These heartier foods are even more critical in the warmer months.

Skimping on carbs is perhaps never more common than as we approach summer, when our bodies crave lighter fare (and wear fewer clothes). But making carbs the fall guy at this time of year can backfire, warns Brian St. Pierre, R.D., a fitness and nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition.

“First of all, cutting carbs may help you lose some weight, but that weight loss is largely water, because when you eat carbs you store more glycogen and for every gram of glycogen you store 3 to 4 grams of water. You’re only going to lose fat if there’s a calorie deficit as well,” he explains.

“Secondly, you’re cutting something from your diet that you need more of right now. You’re more likely to be outdoors and more active in warm weather—hiking, biking, running, swimming, surfing, climbing. As your energy expenditure goes up, so does your need for carbohydrates, including grains, legumes, and fruits."

Below, St. Pierre maps out six reasons to keep carbs on your diet roster this warm-weather season.