The right way to wear workout makeup

This simple four-step routine lets you look fresh-faced as you train.

When fashion is just as important as function in terms of workout apparel and footwear, it follows suit that even serious exercisers are taking a few extra steps to put their best faces forward. It's not exactly a Saturday night makeup routine, but plenty of fitness devotees do some minimal application to look fresh-faced pre-session and maximize that mid-workout glow. There's potential payoff: Looking good makes you feel more confident, which can contribute to a more motivated, effective effort. We talked to Emily Kate Warren, a celebrity makeup artist who also creates the runways looks for designers like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Rebecca Taylor, Narciso Rodriguez and others, for the subtle tricks of the trade. Check out her four-step routine below.

start with bb cream

Warren likes Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. You most definitely don’t want heavy foundation in this sweaty setting, but a little blurring will help you look even-skinned and fresh-faced. If you have things to cover (pimples, circles), dot a little concealer on top. But skip the cakey powder. And no blush either—once you start exercising, it’ll be too much on top of your natural flush. Picture Bozo.
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curl your lashes

That right there does half the job of widening your eyes and making you look perky, says Warren. Take it to the next level with clear mascara (try Maybelline's version) to hold the curl in place and darken your lashes without the worry of smudges or black glops.
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apply nude eyeliner

It’s a little known makeup artist secret to making your iris color look brighter and your lashes look richer. Just find a liner color that’s close to your skin shade, line eyes, and blend with your fingertip.
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finish with lip tint

Go with a bright color (Covergirl Lip Slick is a good one) to illuminate your whole face. Don’t worry, they’re sheer, so you won’t look done. Then just mattify it a bit by blotting with a tissue.
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