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Upgrade Your Condiments

Skip standard ketchup and vinaigrette and stock these quirky new seasoners.

Condiments are supposed to put the finishing touches on a dish. But as they have become increasingly laden with additives, many of your go-tos are more likely to undermine a meal's nutritional value. “Traditional choices like ketchup, mustard and many salad dressings can be full of sugar, salt, corn syrup, preservatives, and even gluten—all of which can mess with your metabolism,” says nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, author of the Fast Metabolism Diet and Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook. These ingredients can also dominate your taste buds, overpowering real food flavors so all your brain notices is a hit of the artificially sweet or salty.


Thankfully, a handful of new condiments are coming to the fore to perk up everything from your morning scramble to your lunchtime salad. Here, Pomroy points out why these healthy choices deserve a spot in your kitchen: