7 farm-to-cone combinations

From apricots and olive oil to microplaned parmesan, these fresh add-ons will enhance your ice cream all summer long.

While swapping sprinkles for strawberries or chocolate fudge for cucumber juice may not make ice cream healthy per se, it does make it more interesting and just a little bit more wholesome. Inspired by the season's bounty of produce, we asked the folks at Salt & Straw Ice Cream in Portland, Oregon for alternative topping combinations that will breathe new life into summer's quintessential dessert. "These take advantage of really fresh fruits, and a simple vanilla ice cream will highlight each of the flavors," says Salt & Straw chef Tyler Malek. Read on for his inventive ways to indulge.

fresh figs + pineapple + microplaned parmesan

"This is a fun combination that plays off of the acids in the pineapple and the different textures in the figs. Microplane the parm so that it is fluffy and adds a nice salty punch to the ice cream."

fresh strawberries + cucumber juice + whipped cream cheese

"The cucumber juice is perfect if used with restraint. Use just enough to evenly coat your scoop of ice cream."

black garlic + caramel sauce + whipped cream

"Use just a few slices of black garlic, lots of warmed caramel and whipped cream. Fermented black garlic is super yummy, healthy, and reminds us of savory little gummy bears."

kettle popped sweet popcorn + olive oil + finishing salt

"We get really delicious olive oils here in Portland. I love that olive oil can help the ice cream flavors coat your mouth with a grassy, sweet, and peppery flavor."

black currant jam + chopped hazelnuts + crushed meringue cookies

"One of my favorites. Based on a classic dessert, Vacherin Glacé."

fresh apricots + goat cheese + shaved extra dark chocolate

"Almost meaty once the apricot and goat cheese combine. Very satisfying."

melted otter pops + banana

"I know! This one shouldn't be considered healthy, but it's fun and the way that the otter pops re-freeze when they land on the ice cream creates something yummy and fascinating."