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My Healthy: Michael Bastian

With essentials both simple and stylish, the designer treats his body right.

With an eponymous luxury line, a CFDA award for 2011's Menswear Designer of the Year, and a much-beloved collection for Gant, designer Michael Bastian has every tool imaginable to make a man look his best. Except, of course, he can only do so much.

"I work in an industry that places a huge value on how you look, but if you feel rotten inside it will always show on the outside," says Bastian. "If you feel good, you will look good. Your clothes can only hide so much." To that end, the NYC-based designer works with a personal trainer at Equinox Greenwich Avenue twice a week—a practice as integral to his body as it is to his success in every other arena. "Without your health, everything else in your life is compromised and diminished to a certain degree." Here, Bastian shares the tools keeping him on track.