10-minute agility workout: pro football edition

Get the quickness and speed of a gridiron player with this efficient session.

Football players not only have some of the toughest, strongest bodies, they're also incredibly quick and agile. That's why Tier 3 personal trainer Ian Sample of New York City's Greenwich club designed this game-day session. "The workout is inspired by exercises I've done from 20 years of playing football, from Pop Warner, through college at University of Hawaii to when I played professionally over in Japan," says Sample. "This 10-minute session is both dynamic and cardiovascular, meaning you are pushing your muscles to the max while simultaneously training your heart to work out harder. This will result in what we are all looking for—max calorie burn."

This fast-but-furious workout can be used as a warm-up or tail-end to your typical session. See Sample's workout below, then consult the legend for move descriptions.

Rapid Fire Step-Ups: Step on a box with your right foot (R), then on with your left (L), off with the R, off with the L. Stay on your toes!

Fire Hydrant Push-ups: Bring your knee up and to the side while you lower yourself down, return to the start position on the way up, and alternate legs.

East & West Step Ups: Straddle the box, step on with the R, on with the L, off with the R, off with the L.

Squat Jumps: From the squat position, jump as high as you can. Land back into the squat and repeat.

Dynamic Split Squats: Starting with one leg in front of the other, and lunge deep until you knee is 1 inch off the ground. Jump up, switch your legs mid-air, and land back down in the lunge position.

Lateral Shuffle: Place two yoga blocks (or any other stationary object) 5 yards apart from one another. Laterally shuffle between them, making sure not to cross your feet. *Make sure to touch the blocks, the Refs are watching!

Sprint to Backpedal: Using the same two yoga blocks, sprint to one block, then backpedal to the starting block (that counts as 2 reps). With this exercise you don’t need to touch the blocks; make sure to change direction only after your feet have passed the block. *Stay in control—balance and body control is just as important as speed and agility!

Rapid Fire to the Floor: Standing, chop your feet back and forth (running in place). At every 10-second interval, drop to the ground and pop back up as quickly as you can and continue chopping. On the third hit to the floor, pop back up and rest.