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Quinoa Tortilla Soup with Chicken

Warm up as you fuel up with this tasty mix of vegetables, grains and lean protein.

If you dismiss soups as nothing more than a starter dish or one half of a complete meal, you're missing out on a warming and satisfying way to get your fill. "When they're chock full of vegetables, protein, antioxidants and a host of other nourishing nutrients, soups are a great one-stop shop meal," says Marissa Lippert, R.D. and founder of Nourish Kitchen + Table in New York City. "Look for soups that are brothy and balanced, heavy on the veg and/or lean protein, and full of complex, slow-burning carbs like beans and grains."

To get you started, we're featuring a good-for-you recipe from Lippert every Monday this month. You'll find her White Bean and Escarole and Butternut Squash, Carrot and Lentil soups here, and our third soup below. It's loaded with plant-based protein and provides long-lasting fuel—perfect for a post-workout meal to rebuild fatigued muscles. Enjoy.

Quinoa Tortilla Soup with Chicken
Serves 4

2 c. cooked quinoa
8 c. low-sodium chicken broth
2 c. cooked chicken breast or thigh, shredded
1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 c. each diced onion, carrots, celery
3 cloves minced garlic
28 oz canned crushed tomatoes
1½ tsp. cumin
1½ tsp. coriander
1 dried chili pepper
1 tbsp. chopped cilantro

For serving:
Crispy blue corn tortillas
Lime wedges

1. Saute diced onion, carrots, celery, garlic, tomatoes, cumin, coriander, chili and cilantro until soft. Add chicken broth and bay leaf and simmer for 30 minutes.

2. Discard bay leaf. Remove chili along with some crushed tomatoes and some of the liquid, about 1 cup. Puree in a blender until smooth and add back to soup along with the quinoa.

3. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Garnish with shredded chicken, tortilla chips, lime wedge and extra cilantro.