Sleep Like A Baby

They may inspire exhaustion in others, but babies have sleep down to a science. Mimic their routine to rest assured.

“Sleep like a baby” isn’t simply an expression — it’s also a directive from health experts. “When it comes to getting rest, adults should do things more like infants do,” says renowned sleep expert James Maas, Ph.D., author of Sleep for Success and Power Sleep. “Adults are always trying to work both ends of the clock, staying up late, getting up early. They treat sleep as a luxury and it is not. It’s a necessity and babies already know that.” Even when babies have a packed schedule (you cannot miss ShockWave, they have to get to Gymboree), they never let deadlines, or stress, or Scandal episodes sap their sleep—nor do babies consider it a badge of honor to get by on as little rest as possible. To adopt smarter habits, steal these strategies from little ones. 

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