Style + Sustenance

Manhattan’s Rouge Tomate has a Michelin star and a nutritionist on staff. The combination is bringing fine dining to a whole new level.

You've heard of too many cooks in the kitchen, but at New York City's Rouge Tomate, things work a little differently. There are two distinct and all-important voices that weigh in on every plate: The executive chef's of course, and more surprisingly, that of a culinary nutritionist.

With it's sleek design, sleeker clientel and extensive bar, Rouge Tomate is turning the reputation for healthy dining on it's head. Each dish gets a full nutritional analysis before it appears on the menu to make sure it meets the restaurants rigorous health standards. Oh, and that extensive bar? It doubles as a fresh juice bar.

The restaurant also boasts some serious culinary credentials, including a Michelin star. “We don’t want to beat people over the head with the health thing before they’ve even started eating,” says Rouge Tomate’s in-house culinary nutritionist Kristy Lambrou, R.D.. “But the truth is, by the end of the meal, every diner will have eaten about four servings of produce and had a multi-course meal for under 1,000 calories.” Here, Lambrou shares her strategies for creating healthy food that’s worth a reservation.