Unzipped: Malika Dalamal

The UK journalist unpacks her well-appointed gym bag.

London-based writer Malika Dalamal has spent much of her career reporting on fashion and lifestyle for the likes of Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Net-a-Porter Notes, not to mention a recent stint as the London editor of DailyCandy. But as the subject matter she covers shifts, her regular pilates and cycling workouts have been adjusted as well. "These days I write a lot on food and restaurants, mostly for Zagat but also for BBC Travel and Fathom," says Dalamal. "And I work from home. It's a dangerous combination so I have had to step up my gym attendance to four times a week. It's also nice to get out of the house and talk to people — working from home can make you a little crazy!" Here, the essentials that keep her chic during the workouts that keep her sane.