The Art of Moderation

What the world's most seasoned chefs can teach the rest of us about developing a healthy relationship with food.

Chefs whip up extravagant dishes on a daily basis, are constantly surrounded by food and work endless, unforgiving hours; all reasons why the restaurant biz can be decidedly un-body-friendly (case in point: earlier this year the Food Network debuted a new reality series, Fat Chef). That said, years of navigating life in the kitchen, with all its temptations and pitfalls, has given many chefs unique insight into how to develop a healthy relationship with food. Which is exactly what Allison Adato, a senior editor at People Magazine set out to learn when she spoke to over 40 top chefs for her new book, Smart Chefs Stay Slim, which hits shelves today. “If you meet a chef who is fit and working with delicious food, there’s this curiosity of how they do it,” the author says. “And you can learn from them because they care so much about flavor. They’re not going to compromise for diet.” Here, she offers a taste of the healthy living secrets that five restaurant masters swear by.